When you’re starting your new business, there are plenty of ways to help get your brand recognized and generate revenue. An underrated advantage many businesses seem to overlook, however, is hiring the professional expertise of a screen printing service. Screen printed T-Shirts are an excellent way to pique potential customer’s interest and invite them to discover what your services offer. Using screen printed apparel, your business can thrive on customer loyalty while simultaneously gaining profit. Continue reading below and see how the benefits of a screen printing service can help your business succeed.


Many screen printing services, such as Pork Chop Screen Printing, offer affordable rates for all patrons. This means that you can have multiple T-shirts mass-produced in a single order without breaking the bank. By doing this, you’ll be able to hand out or sell more of your T-shirts to the public which will help increase your brand awareness.

Marketing through apparel is often recognized as one of the best means to advertise your business. You could pay to put up a billboard ad or even a commercial and those forms of marketing are good. But eventually, they are taken down and in the end, you might not gain a whole lot of attention from them alone. T-shirts, however, can be worn by anybody at any time and depending on how many are given out to the public, your business is almost constantly advertised every day.


Though it’s a complicated process, screen printing is also a very speedy one if done by a trained professional. And when you hire a service like Pork Chop Screen Printing, that’s efficient due to numerous years of service, you’re apt to get your products quick within a few weeks.

The process of screen printing is simple: First the professional takes your proposed design and crafts it onto a stencil. That stencil is then placed on a mesh screen stretched over a frame that’s centered on the T-shirt. Then, with an ink roller, the professional will print your design onto your T-shirt. Other than having to design the stencils, the overall procedure – for one T-shirt – is often completed within a few minutes.


The ink that’s printed on your T-shirts is applied as a thick layer that provides long-lasting benefits. As an added bonus, when you have it printed on high-grade fabric, you can advertise your business’s services and products for a long time. With Pork Chop Screen Printing, you have the option to utilize the different services we offer, all of which provide long-lasting durability.


Screen printed apparels often come out with high visibility and bright, vibrant colors and images. This is because the screen printing method uses a thicker ink that’s absorbed into the fabric of the shirt, hoodie, and other articles of clothing.

The raised ink on the fabric remains on the surface but is able to bend and flex with it, allowing more texture and feeling to the printed areas. On top of that, with only one or two colors, you can create a very visible and crisp looking image, logo, or graphic on your T-shirts.


Since 1999, Pork Chop Screen Printing has been providing quality service to patrons for all their T-shirt needs. Our expertise has granted customers with the benefits of screen printing listed above as well as others that exclusively come from our service. When you hire us, we’re confident that you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at (978) 532-1880 or visit our contact page.